United States Interest Rates

With a population of 327.8 million (Est 2018) the US economy was ranked 1st in the world with a GDP PPP of 19.4 trillion according to the IMF in 2017. Its GDP PPP per capita was $59,495 which ranks 11th in the world.According to CIA.gov its inflation was 2.1% in 2017 and 1.3% in 2016.

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US Bank Rates

Showing rates for 94 Bank 9 Credit Union 3 P2P deposit providers in United States.
Provider Branch Founded Ownership
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo 9000 1852 Local
CHASE CHASE 5600 1799 Local
Bank of America Bank Of America 5320 1904 Local
PNC PNC 2700 1852 N/A
Capital One Capital One 925 1988 Local
BBVA Compass BBVA Compass 720 1964 Foreign
Santander Santander 700 1902 Foreign
Huntington Bank Huntington Bank 700 1866 Local
BMO Harris Bank BMO Harris Bank 638 1882 Foreign
Zions Bank Zions Bank 500 1873 Local

Consumer Banking in the US

The US is a diversified banking market that includes very large national banks, regional banks, state banks and local banks with a significant amount of competition in some markets. In addition their also include credit unions and alternative P2P lending providers.

Largest Banks in the US
In the US market overall, the banking sector is dominated by major banks such as Citibank (15 States), Chase (26 States), Bank of America (35 States), Wells Fargo (42 States) and PNC Bank (21 States) with these banks containing a significant amount of assets and deposits as well as ATMs and Branches for the US market.

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