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Bank of China is chartered as a U.S. branch of a Foreign Institution according to the FDIC and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of China, a major state-owned commercial bank of the People's Republic of China. Bank of China has 2 FDIC insured branches in New York including Chinatown as w... read more

Bank Of China USA Discussion

  • Q: What is the best way to transfer funds from Bank of China in China to Florida in the United States and how much cash can we bring from China and or what are my other options

    Reply Ned from Ottawa, Canada
  • Q: What is the closest Bank of China to where I live in Sarasota Florida

    Reply Nedward N Gross from Ottawa, Canada
  • Q: Can i make a deposit into an account overseas? In other words, can I deposit (in CHICAGO) into my cousins account in Hong Kong if i have the account info??

    Reply GARY from Skokie, United States
  • Q: Do you have a department that assist in Letters of Credit from Chinese banks. Thank you

    Reply Rean from United States
  • Q: Seeking $13 Mil Multifamily Construction Loan

    Reply Demetri from Lake Forest, United States
  • Q: Do you have bank branch at DC area?

    Reply LIly from Herndon, United States

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