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Fidelity Investments is a financial services company in the United States. Starting back in 1946, today it is a provider of investment management as well retirement planning offering many financial services and products to investors, intermediaries and institutions.It offers its customers a variety ... read more

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  • Q: What is the penalty for early withdrawals

    Reply Louella Sumlin from Palmetto, United States

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  • Fidelity 5 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: Hi, If I Open a CD for 5 years and withdraw after 3 years, what is the penalty? Is the interest compounded annually?

    Sri from New York, United States
  • Fidelity 5 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: Can I transfer my Fidelity IRA brokerage account to a Fidelity IRA CD without incurring taxes? I am 69 years old and worry about a market fall. What are the rates for IRA CDs?? Thank you, Ron

    Ronald from Houston, United States
  • Fidelity 5 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: What is the minimum amount that can be used to open a 5 year CD?

    Cheryll Poehler from Friendswood, United States