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Citibank is a major US commercial bank and is chartered as a national bank according to the FDIC. It is a subsidiary brand of Citigroup,  a US global diversified financial services holding company founded in 1812 providing products and services to over 160 countries.Citibank provides its retail... read more

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  • Q: How much is interest rates incitibank in America for CD depositing 30 thousand Dollers

    Reply David from Chester Hill, Australia
  • Q: What is the 21 character IBAN for Citi Bank in Costa Rica? I need to wire money and have been unable to find out what it is. Best Regards,

    Reply Debra Mulhollen from Quinton, United States

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  • Deposits
    Q: what is the penalty charge for withdraw CD which is not due yet?

    Wei Lu from United States
  • Citibank 1 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: Are you able to open a Citibank CD account in the name of a family trust?

    Nina from Pleasanton, United States
  • Citibank 1 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: My husband and I have two CD's with you and I can't seem to find the website to sign in to my account. Have not done so in some time. Last time I just used

    Teri from United States