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Capital One offers their personal banking customers a variety of products and services including: checking accounts, savings accounts, loan products, credit cards and online and mobile banking tools.

Capital One Overview

Capital One Bank (USA), National Association is major US bank chartered as a national bank according to the FDIC. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capital One Financial Corporation a diversified financial services holding company which was established in 1995.Its distribution of its product and se... read more

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Capital One Discussion

  • Q: I have Capitol one saving and checking account. How do I get to purchasing a CD?

    Reply Richard from Allentown, United States
  • Q: I have a some money to put in CD

    Reply Michelle from United States
  • Q: Q: is your 1 yr cd rate is only for online or can I go to a local branch and get the same rate? Q: what is your 1 year cd rate. thank you

    Reply Nick from Hollywood, United States
  • Q: Can the 360 5 year CD be a IRA CD transfer

    Reply Steve from Olyphant, United States
  • Q: Are your C D s in a Bankbook form ? Do you offer better rates for Jumbo C D s ?

    Reply BILL from Stamford, United States
  • Q: what is your 1 year cd rate

    Reply warden H from Braselton, United States
  • Q: is your 1 yr cd rate is only for online or can I go to a local branch and get the same rate? thank you

    Reply ralph f from Centereach, United States
  • Q: interest rates on CDs and money market funds

    Reply Marcia from Brooklyn, United States
  • Q: What is the maximum rate of interest you'd pay on a $100,000 CD for one year, two years, three years and five years?

    Reply Arnold from Staten Island, United States
    • R: highest cd rates on 1yr cd 100k+

      Reply daniel
      • R: Highest interest rat on 1 yr $100.000 cd ?

        Reply Marvin
  • Q: How do I contact you to invest I CDs

    Reply Bill from United States
  • Q: What are your cd interest rates today Would you let me know if they go up

    Reply Patrick from United States

Capital One Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: Does Capital One Bank Have branches in Southern California?

    Reply Ron from Ottawa, Canada
  • Capital One Secured Credit Card - Credit
    Q: can i make my secure credit card initial payment via online with a debit card?

    Reply carlos from Encino, United States
  • Capital One 1 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: Are the 1 years rates under Sallie Mae, Vanguard, Edward Jones at 2.30% fixed, or can they fluxuate during the course of the year?

    Reply William from Eatontown, United States
  • Deposits

    Reply PAT from East Setauket, United States
  • Capital One 6 Month CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: What is your one year cd rate?

    Reply Gerald from Boca Raton, United States
  • Capital One 1 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: do not have a computer . can I still obtain the indicated rates for money market + cd . if not , do you list rates that can be obtained when we walk into a capital one bank

    Reply barry from Washington, United States
  • Capital One 1 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: Can I apply by mail for a trust CD?

    Reply Audrey from Elgin, United States
  • Deposits
    Q: I 'm moving my CD tomorrow and see a 2.30% on a one year it's online ( 360 ) only called a local bank and was told they they can't do the 2.30 % if I come into a branch office .

    Reply sidney from Baton Rouge, United States
  • Capital One 2 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: I need a telephone number for questions about the Capital One 2-year cd.

    Reply Jean from Chicago, United States
  • Capital One 5 Year CD Rates - Deposits
    Q: Are your funds FDIC insured?

    Reply Kathleen Naples from South Windsor, United States
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