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ING Direct (now branded as Capital One 360) was a major bank in the United States that was offering its banking services online as well over moblie/landline telephone and mail. It was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dutch ING group which had origins back to the 1800s but in 2011 was acquired by US ... read more

ING Direct USA Discussion

  • Q: I would like to open an ING bank account in the U.S. so I can easily transfer money to my daughter's ING account in Belgium. How do I go about doing this?

    Reply Susan from Watertown, United States
  • Q: I used to have ING Direct account over 10 years ago. I had something like 300 in it. I have lost touch with the bank when they changed their name. Would that money still be in my name?

    Reply Debra from Houston, United States
  • Q: Do you offer an IRA retirement account & if so, what are the interest rates? I currently have a IRA CD that the maturity date is soon & looking to roll it into another IRA account.

    Reply Gary from Bellingham, United States
  • Q: I am trying to access an inactive account that still has a possible balance. Is there a customer service number in the United States that can help me. or any number I can call for help

    Reply Elizabeth from United States
  • Q: CitiStreet was acquired by ING several years ago. Who do I contact to locate archived 401K statements when CitiStreet managed Booz Allen Hamilton's 401K accounts (1998-2002)? Thanks for your help, Rich

    Reply Richard M from Purcellville, United States
  • Q: I have $ 6000 as savings. If I keep in ING, how much interest I get every month?

    Reply Gamze Ferrara from Brooklyn, United States
  • Q: I have an ING Direct account that i have not accessed for several years. Small balance, but would like to close the account and transfer remaining funds. I have the old ING Direct account number, but the website won't accept it.

    Reply Joe from Naperville, United States
  • Q: I have an orange account when I was living in the US,that have not been active but, with an outstanding balance.I have relocated to Nigeria and I am trying to access my account. Please help.

    Reply Adeniyi Adeyemi from Nigeria
  • Q: Need to access accounts with Ing that have not had a lot of activity Can I do this online or do I have to call customer service? Can I get account balances mailed to my home?

    Reply Tom from Oak Forest, United States
  • Q: I am also trying to cash out an old account. Why cant I find a page to log into? What a run around.Somebody HELP

    Reply Harriet W from Lehighton, United States
  • Q: Want to know how to cash out of a small ING savings account .

    Reply Marjorie from Atlanta, United States
  • Q: I am trying to access a possible inactive ING account that I believe still has an account balance. Is there a customer service number in the United States that help me with this.

    Reply cecily from San Diego, United States
    • R: i have an old account that hasnt been used for many years.. id like to see what i have can you help me

      Reply sandra
  • Q: I am also trying to access an inactive ING account.

    Reply Pamela from Coronado, United States
    • R: I am also trying to access an inactive ING account with a current account balance.

      Reply cecily
  • Q: I have had an online savings account. Inactive for some time. Need help accessing.

    Reply Thomas from Decatur, United States

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