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BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust) is a large domestic owned bank in the United States. It delivers services in Washington D.C and 12 U.S states and as sourced from the FDIC in 2012 has 1789 branches. Its largest branch presence is in Virginia (380), North Carolina (368), Florida (270), Georgia (... read more

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  • Q: what is the current rate of interest for a 5 year IRA?

    Reply what is the curre from Clementon, United States
  • Q: What are your Traditional IRA rates?

    Reply Wade from Wilmington, United States
  • Q: Which of your CD offerings are set to where I can withdraw money at any time if the need arises? Would the 7 day be my best choice? Can withdraw without penalty after 7 days, as many withdrawls as needed?

    Reply gene from Roberta, United States

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  • BBT Savings Account - Savings
    Q: If I put $6000.00 in yor savings acct. how much interest will I get per mnth

    musa patel from Warrens, Barbados