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BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust) is a large domestic owned bank in the United States. It delivers services in Washington D.C and 12 U.S states and as sourced from the FDIC in 2012 has 1789 branches. Its largest branch presence is in Virginia (380), North Carolina (368), Florida (270), Georgia (... read more

BBT Discussion

  • Q: What are your cd rates

    Reply Rose from Sewell, United States
    • R: Looking for best rates for a terming CD that I have presently for 12 month? $190K. I see Goldman Sach is offer 2.3% for 12 months.

      Reply Thomas
  • Q: What is your best cd rates

    Reply Rose from Sewell, United States
  • Q: What are your current CD rates ?

    Reply Joe T from Trenton, United States
  • Q: I have spent at least 20 minutes searching for your CD & IRA rates online Why are they so invisible and impossible to access ? Is it because they are so very low ?

    Reply Jeannie from Towson, United States
  • Q: what is the current rate of interest for a 5 year IRA?

    Reply what is the curre from Clementon, United States
  • Q: What are your Traditional IRA rates?

    Reply Wade from Wilmington, United States
  • Q: Which of your CD offerings are set to where I can withdraw money at any time if the need arises? Would the 7 day be my best choice? Can withdraw without penalty after 7 days, as many withdrawls as needed?

    Reply gene from Roberta, United States

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BBT Reviews

  • OMG! I know that banks aren't in the business to make YOU money, but THRE TENTHS OF A PERCENT APY on a savings account? I've been through 3 changeovers in this bank in the last 15 years, and when I first opened my savings account, it WAS paying 1% APY, which wasn't going to make me rich, but WTF! Might as well keep your money under the mattress! At least you won't have to drive to the bank, spend on gas, wear & tear on the car, and your time wasted when you need to take a few2 bucks out. As a senior citizen.... this is a joke to use OUT money to make them millions of dollars. Can you say FAT CATS?

    Matt from Orefield , Pennsylvania , United States
  • When are you going to raise your interest rates. The Feds raised thiers, don't you think it's time to raise your's. America knows you are not losing any money!!!!!!

    Francesca from Longboat Key , Florida , United States
  • poor customer service. act like they are doing you a favor to hold your 100,000. 1 day late on credit card payment =$25 fee,even when you have $108,000 drawing no interest in their accts. no visible interest rate info without setting up a meeting. i'm going elsewhere very shortly.

    scott from Munfordville , Kentucky , United States
  • Been with this bank for over 20 years. Come to find out they have been charging me a monthly fee for my saving account which was never explained to me since the start. Requirements at the time were that you had at least $500 in the account. Their explanation was you tou need to have a transaction every cycle. At .03% what's the use. Be a loyal banking customer for 20 years means nothing I guess.

    Ray from Chesapeake , Virginia , United States
  • I am a customer and I am thinking on changing my bank, the customer service is really bad, the information provided on rates is always kept hidden, international transfers are a problem when not in person, they keep moving personnel around every year or two... horrible

    Andrew from Portugal
  • Where the hell are your cd rates

    Carol from Moorestown Township , New Jersey , United States
  • Would not recommend this bank currently , customer service needs to improve

    Joe from United States
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