United States Interest Rates

With a population of 310.6 million (Est 2010) the US economy was ranked 1st in the world with a GDP PPP of 14.2 trillion according to the IMF in 2009. Its GDP PPP per capita was $45,934 which ranks 6th in the world.According to CIA.gov its inflation was 3.8% in 2008 and -0.3% in 2009.

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US Bank Rates

Showing rates for 98 Bank 9 Credit Union 3 P2P deposit providers in United States.
Wells FargoWells Fargo90001852Local
Bank of AmericaBank Of America53201904Local
Capital OneCapital One9251988Local
BBVA CompassBBVA Compass7201964Foreign
Sovereign BankSovereign Bank7001902Foreign
Huntington BankHuntington Bank7001866Local
BMO Harris BankBMO Harris Bank6381882Foreign
Zions BankZions Bank5001873Local
Comerica BankComerica Bank4831849Local

Consumer Banking in the US

The US is a diversified banking market that includes very large national banks, regional banks, state banks and local banks with a significant amount of competition in some markets. In addition their also include credit unions and alternative P2P lending providers.

Largest Banks in the US
In the US market overall, the banking sector is dominated by major banks such as Citibank (15 States), Chase (26 States), Bank of America (35 States), Wells Fargo (42 States) and PNC Bank (21 States) with these banks containing a significant amount of assets and deposits as well as ATMs and Branches for the US market.

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