Chase Savings Account

Chase Savings Account

Rate at 0.01% p.a*

on CHASE's secure website

Type Floating
Rate 0.01%
Currency USD



Authority:  JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A or as it is branded to consumers 'Chase' is a major US based nationally chartered bank with origins from 1799.  While it has over 5500 branches nationwide in 26 states, the majority of its branches include 890 in California, 857 in New York , 676 in Texas and  421 in Illinois (According to the FDIC as at 2012).

At Chase, deposit accounts such as savings, MMDA (money market accounts), CD accounts and checking accounts that are interest bearing are eligible for eligible for FDIC insurance up to the applicable limits. For more information please the website

How to open a Chase Savings Account:

-  Visit the Chase Website and complete the online application form with the required details and information: Visit the website at -

- You can apply for an account over the phone by contact Chase by telephone on (1-877-682-4273) 1-877-68-CHASE 

- Visit a Chase Branch office where you can speak to Chase bank representatives directly face to face to assist you in opening this account. You can find your nearest Chase branch by visiting the Chase website which has a search tool that you can enter a zip code, city, state or address.

On the online application form what may you have to provide to open a US Chase Savings Product:

The Chase online application form requests that applicants require to provide but is not limited to contact information such as address, name, phone number as well SSN (Social Security Number), State Issued ID or Valid Driver's License. It also may require a minimum deposit amount.

Information on Chase Savings Account Interest Rates

While interest rate returns on savings accounts issued by Chase tend to be lower than Chase certificate of deposit products, they are more liquid. 

Like other banks and credit unions, when setting the amount to pay on savings rates, they are highly influenced by a number of factors including the 'fed funds rate' set by the Federal Reserve, a bank�s net interest margins (the difference what Chase would earn on their loans and what they pay for savings/deposits as well liquidity requirements, funding requirements, regulations and competition amongst banks.

They can also be influenced by the FDIC National rate caps that the FDIC has set for institutions that are not well capitalized. These include deposit products such as savings, interesting checking, money market and CD. While it may be well capitalized and may not need to follow it, it may be a factor.

The indicated rate displayed is 'Chase SavingsSM' product for the 10001 zip code or New York state. An opening deposit may be required.

The rate of 0.01% is 0.22% lower than the average 0.23%. Also it is -0.01 % lower than the highest rate. Updated Feb, 2017

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