CHASE 6 Month CD Rates

CHASE 6 Month CD Rates

Rate at 0.02% p.a*

on CHASE's secure website

CHASE 6 Month CD Rates

Type Fixed
Rate 0.02%
Currency USD



Authority: CHASE is a major US national chartered bank (JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A) and among its banking services and products it provides retail CD deposits that are FDIC insured. It has origins back to 1799 and its distribution network of ATMs and branches are some of the largest in the country with over 5000 branches.  

How to open a Chase Certificate of Deposit:

- You can make an online application directly online at the bank website:

- You may call them by telephone on 1-877-68CHASE (1-877-682-4273)

- You may also open one by visiting a physical Chase branch by searching on their website for nearby locations.

What information/documentation you may require to open a US Chase CD:

- As an applicant you may be required but not limited to provide a social security number, driver's license or state-issued ID, contact information. 

Information on Chase 6 Month CD Rates:

When Chase sets their six month CD interest rates, they like other banks are influenced by the Federal Reserve (the US independent central bank) and how much they set for the 'fed funds rate'. Since six month rates is short term, Chase would likely consider the current forecasts and policies set by the federal reserve rather than longer dated CDs which would require future anticipated forecasts of the fed. In addition net interest margins, regulations, funding source and liquidity requirements (loan to deposit ratios) and competition for customer deposits (depending if wholesale funding is expensive) are also other factors they may influence the rate as well.

The current interest rate set below is for a deposit for 6 months with a $1,000 minimum opening deposit using the state of New York for this rate but 250k+ for this APY.

The rate of 0.02% is 0.29% lower than the average 0.31%. Also it is -0.02 % lower than the highest rate. Updated Feb, 2017

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CHASE 5 Year CD Rates 0.60%
CHASE 4 Year CD Rates 0.50%

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