1 Year CD Rates

Best Interest Rates on 1 Year CD Rates in the United States

Deposit Account Type   APY Account Details  
Wells Fargo 1 Year CD Rateswells fargo0.05%- Rate is for 'Standard CD Rates' for 1 year and applies for the state of California, it also requir...More Info
Bank of America 1 Year IRA CD Ratesbank of america0.06%This IRA interest rate is for a term between 1 year to 17 months and is under the 'Standard CD/IRA P...More Info
CHASE 1 Year CD Rateschase0.10%Rate is for a deposit for 12 months with a $1,000 Minimum Opening Deposit from 90210 postcode but 25...More Info
Citibank 1 Year CD Ratescitibank0.20%12 month Rate is applicable for a state of California....More Info
PNC 1 Year CD Ratespnc0.22%Rate is for 12 months with a minimum balance of 500,000 or more at a 'Fixed Rate CD Only' for the st...More Info
MetLife Bank 1 Year CD Ratesmetlife bank1.05%Interest Rate is for a deposit $100,000+ for a 12 month period.  The related MetLife Bank depos...More Info
HSBC USA 1 Year CD Rateshsbc usa0.01%This interest rate is for '12 Months - online cd' with minimum balance to open the account is $1000 ...More Info
ING Direct USA 1 Year CD Ratesing direct usa0.40%The Interest rate for this ING Direct 'Orange CD' (Capital One) Account is for a 12 month / 1 year p...More Info
BMO Harris Bank 1 Year CD Ratesbmo harris bank0.20%The interest rate for this BMO Harris certificate of deposit account is for a 1 year / 12 month peri...More Info
Bank of China USA 1 Year CD Ratesbank of china usa0.40%The following interest rate APY is for a 'Certificate of Deposit' account type, a 1 year term and re...More Info
BBVA Compass 1 Year CD Ratesbbva compass0.45%This interest rate applies to the State of California - 'Southern California', please refer to websi...More Info
USAA 1 Year CD Ratesusaa0.76%This cd product is for a 12 month / 1 year period with standard, jumbo and super jumbo cd interest r...More Info
Rabobank America 1 Year CD Ratesrabobank america0.25%The interest rates for this CD requires a minimum of $2,500 and is for a time horizon of 1 year (pro...More Info
US Bank 1 Year CD Ratesus bank0.10%This interest rate applies the 'Standard CD' product and is for a 12 month / 1 year term and was sel...More Info
Regions Bank 1 Year CD Ratesregions bank0.10%The interest rate is applicable for Houston, Texas (77002) and is for a 12 month/1 year time frame. ...More Info
Union Bank 1 Year CD Ratesunion bank0.15%The interest rate provided below was based on the CD product for a range between 12 to 17 months wit...More Info
Sovereign Bank 1 Year CD Ratessovereign bank0.05%This interest is determined from the 'rising rate cd' product and is for a 12 month term, calculated...More Info
Ally Bank 1 Year CD Ratesally bank0.99%The interest rate for the cd product 'high yield cd' is for a 1 Year Term which requires no minimum ...More Info
Discover Bank 1 Year CD Ratesdiscover bank0.95%The current interest for this CD product is for a 12 month term with a minimum of $2,500 to open up ...More Info
Fidelity 1 Year CD Ratesfidelity0.40%The interest rate yield for this fixed income investment is for a 1 year period. Selected from Fidel...More Info
American Express Bank 1 Year CD Ratesamerican express bank0.55%The interest rate for this 12 month CD account is for a 1 year term requiring as much as $1 minimum....More Info
KeyBank 1 Year CD Rateskeybank0.10%The interest rate for this cd account was determined using a postcode for New York and is for the 'K...More Info
Navy Federal Credit Union 1 Year CD Ratesnavy federal credit union0.85%
The interest rate indicated is for the 'Short-Term Certificate'  product and is for a 1 yea...
More Info
Fifth Third Bank 1 Year CD Ratesfifth third bank0.25%The current interest rate applies to the 'Standard CD' product and is for a 12 to 24 month CD term. ...More Info
Ameriprise 1 Year CD Ratesameriprise financial0.80%This CD product is called a 'AmeripriseŽ Flexible Savings Certificate' and the indicated rate applie...More Info
Vanguard 1 Year CD Ratesvanguard group0.40%The applicable yield rate is for a 12 month CD product and new issue.  The Vanguard Brokerage S...More Info
Edward Jones 1 Year CD Ratesedward jones0.30%The rate is applicable for the 1 year CD product with a minimum $5,000 deposit. The product is ...More Info