Chase CD August 2018 Review

In August Chase left rates unchanged with 1 year still at .05% while the top 1% of 1 year cds offered institutions in the US moving up to 2.43%

July 2018 Review

This month CD rates were unchanged by Chase with rates continuing to move higher for other providers with top 1% of offers over 2.30% edging higher over then previous month with Chase unchanged at 0.05% in NY.

June 2018 Review

While one of the largest banks in the US, Chase continues to provide lower rates than the top 1% of CD offers. In June 2018,  the top 1% of offers was approximately 2.20% for a 1 year CD but Chase offers 0.05% for its standard CD product. With inflation at around 2% savings . It remains to be seen whether Chase will increase its offering depending on the Feds policy decision.