Chase CD December 2018 Review

In December, Chase cds remained unchanged except for the 9 month CD that changed from 1.01% to 1.50% (possibly a promo) as its 12 month still remained at 0.05%

November 2018 Review

In November most Chase cds remained unchanged with the exception of the 9 month CD which changed from 0.02% to 1.01% which indicates a promo CD

October 2018 Review

In October, Chase cds remained unchanged for all its maturies.

September 2018 Review

In September, Chase changed rates significantly for its longer dated CDs including 0.75% to 1.25% for its 2 year and 1.30% to 1.75% for its 10 years.  In particular the top 1% of 1 year cd offers edged up to 2.50%

August 2018 Review

In August Chase left rates unchanged with 1 year still at .05% while the top 1% of 1 year cds offered institutions in the US moving up to 2.43%

July 2018 Review

This month CD rates were unchanged by Chase with rates continuing to move higher for other providers with top 1% of offers over 2.30% edging higher over then previous month with Chase unchanged at 0.05% in NY.

June 2018 Review

While one of the largest banks in the US, Chase continues to provide lower rates than the top 1% of CD offers. In June 2018,  the top 1% of offers was approximately 2.20% for a 1 year CD but Chase offers 0.05% for its standard CD product. With inflation at around 2% savings . It remains to be seen whether Chase will increase its offering depending on the Feds policy decision.