Fidelity 1 Year CD Rates

Fidelity 1 Year CD Rates


Authority: Fidelity Investments is a major financial services company in the United States.  It is a provider of investment management services and products for its clients since 1946. It offers FDIC insured brokered CDs which are offered by thrifts and commercial banks.

How to open an Fidelity Certificate of Deposit:

- New and existing Fidelity customers can open an 'investing and trading' account on their website at

- You can call a Fidelity representative to help you with one on one help to open an account on 800-343-3548.

What information may you require to open a US Fidelity Account for CDs:

Fidelity may require you to have a social security number, employer's name, bank account , routing number or brokerage account number (fund your account)

Information to consider when for Fidelity 1 Year CD Rates:

Banks as well as thrifts may issue CDs brokered by Fidelity to raise funds. These cd products can be from new issue offerings as well as from the secondary market. Differing to buying direct from one bank, Fidelity offers the opportunity to purchase CDs from different banks with each having its own FDIC limit offering coverage that can exceed typical FDIC insurance limits from only one bank.

The interest rate yield for this fixed income investment is for a 1 year period. Selected the highest from the brokered list of CDs fidelity provides on their website.

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Rate 0.55%
Type Fixed
Currency USD


The rate of 0.55% is 0.12% higher than the average 0.43%. Also it is 0.65 % lower than the highest rate.

Last updated Feb, 2015